Note — Jun 09, 2019

As Systems Collapse, People Rise: Seven Faces of an Emerging Global Movement

Otto Scharmer, proposes that we are now going from horizontal left-right ideas to a vertical open eco vs closed ego. I like to think of it as looking to reinvent everything vs the imagined safety of the past. The second shift he proposes is along a well-being-for-all vs GDP axis. Scharmer also argues that since current economic and business models mostly ignore the questions we face about the ecological and social divides and the “learning challenge,” they are “unconsciously biased toward operating on the lower half of the spectrum.” Which is why debates focus so much on the lower end of these axes.

Furthermore, the study revealed that the most important political themes for Germans in 2019 are not what most people would expect: the top three issues deal with (1) education (69%), (2) social justice (65%), and (3) environment and climate change (64%). In other words: the challenge of deep learning, the social divide, and the ecological divide. […]

Parties operating on the vertical axis are winning: the neo-national populist autocrats at one end of the spectrum, and politicians such as New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern, Costa Rica’s Carlos Quesada, Indonesia’s Jokowi, or the German Greens at the other end. […]

(1) [R]einventing the economy to effect sustainable well-being for all. (2) [R]einventing the political process to bring about more direct, distributed, and dialogic modes of participation and conversation; (3) [R]einventing the educational and learning systems to build vertical literacy — that is, the capacity to integrate head, heart, and hand in order to co-shape transformative systems change. […]

(1) How sustainable is your business model (how does it address the ecological divide)? (2) How inclusive is your business model (how does it address the social divide)? (3) How generative is your business model (how does it address the learning challenge — i.e., how does it enhance co-creativity for people in the community)?