Note — Nov 03, 2019

Techno-Fix Futures Will only Accelerate Climate Chaos

Excellent piece showing how various visions of techno-fix futures (namely ecomodernism, left accelerationism, and fully automated luxury communism) are still too embedded in old ideas and conceptions of the world to invent futures addressing everything which needs to be changed.

The scientific evidence tells us that it is simply not possible to continue increasing consumption and greenhouse gas emissions on the current trajectory without exhausting Earth’s resources and crossing planetary boundaries – limits to Earth’s biological, chemical and physical systems that represent a safe operating space for humanity. […]

As a result, they tend to overlook and devalue aspects of our world that are less obviously associated with luxury: the natural environment, clean air, animal life, time spent with family and friends, local communities. These things may not provide material luxury, but they do make life worth living – and do not necessarily have to use up our scarce energy and material resources. […]

We propose a redesign of future ways of living based on different values: the ethics of care, regenerating nature, and distributing its benefits fairly.