Note — Jan 20, 2019

The Age of Tech Is Over

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Derek Thompson arguing, like Ben Evans, that this isn’t the end of tech but the end of the beginning, the “easy” phase for tech conquering the world, the next phase promises to be harder.

How do you grow forever in a sector that isn’t growing? That’s easy: You don’t. There may be a Malthusian trap in the attention economy. Eventually, revenue growth bumps up against the natural limitations of population and waking hours. […]

Software ate media, and media went down pretty smoothly. Now it has to gnaw through the harder, crunchier parts of the global economy. Software eating life sciences? Software eating elderly care? Software eating household construction? Software eating money? Good luck. […]

In the past decade of tech, it was scarcely an exaggeration to say that every tech company is a media company. Perhaps in the next decade, the rule will be: Every tech company is a mall.