Note — Dec 09, 2018

The AI Transforming the Way Aircraft Are Built

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I’ve written about this kind of idea in the past, either under “hybrids” or “centaurs” of human and machine or AI as medium. In this one about generative design, it’s the use of AI to explore hundreds of variations of a design to find the most effective one. You can also attach this to the idea of biomimicry, which usually means copying designs from nature. Here, by being able through multiple iterations to remove all unnecessary material and greatly optimizing, the algorithm comes up with something surprisingly (or is it?) organic.

Not only are these computer-generated designs stronger and lighter than human-crafted solutions but they’re weird – designs that no human would have come up with in the first place. […]

By trawling through an exhaustive set of options, computers typically find ones that a human would have missed. Designers can simply choose from a handful that the software predicts will do the job better than the rest. Humans switch from being creators to curators.