Note — May 19, 2019

The Art of Noticing: Five Ways to Experience a City Differently

Rob Walker in the Guardian with a short take on his own book coming out this month, The Art of Noticing. It’s straight from the author and includes five things to try for noticing the city but if you have more time, I recommend listening to the interview he gave on Curious Minds (42 mins), loads of great thinking and “practices we can use to become more observant and more connected.” Very much looking forward to reading his book.

Just remember that real engagement with your environment also means noticing things that are not necessarily charming at all: security cameras, potholes, weeds, ruins, irritating strangers hollering into their phones. But sometimes these deserve attention too. Maybe you’ll notice problems that could be fixed, and have ideas about how that might happen. […]

Nobody is making an effort to direct your attention to the ghosts or ruins in any given landscape. But if you want to understand a place more deeply, these are exactly the things you should look for.