Note — Aug 26, 2018

The Car Century Was a Mistake. It’s Time to Move On.

Nothing new for readers here but I thought the below quote was a good, succinct, way of putting it. Also, there’s a video at the beginning about Québec city, supposedly the old town is the largest car-free district in North-America. First time I hear it described thusly.

Cars were never necessary in cities, and in many respects they worked against the fundamental purpose of cities: to bring many people together in a space where social, cultural and economic synergies could develop. Because cars require so much space for movement and parking, they work against this objective — they cause cities to expand in order to provide the land cars need. Removing cars from cities would help to improve the quality of urban life. […]

Good public transport coupled with fast, safe, pleasant walking and bicycling can easily meet the need for movement within our cities.