Note — Jan 20, 2019

The Coming Explosion of Light Electric Vehicles

Very good overview of the light electric vehicles field, including a lay of the land and some of the opportunities. One detail which drew my attention, referring to different roads by speed and width, not by the original / common use. So a bike lane is instead a mid-width 10-30kph lane. Doesn’t roll off the tongue but emphasizes that multiple vehicles types could use it.

Bike lanes cost 10% the cost of a car lane and return a higher throughput of people. In London, they found that protected bike lanes yielded 5x the throughput of a traditional road. […]

E-bikes are now 1 in 3 new bikes sold in Germany, 1 in 2 in Holland, and are growing across the rest of Europe and the US. E-bikes allow for multiple new forms including delivery vehicles and child carriers.

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