Note — Dec 09, 2018

The Declaration - Montreal Responsible AI

Honestly, I knew this was happening and welcomed the discussion but didn’t follow the process very closely so I guess I was, without thinking about it, expecting something like laws or principles towards the technology. This is kind of that but it’s much closer to society than to technology. In a way, the declaration sets principles of what kind of society we want, so that we (or signatories at least) may build AIs striving for those principles. Bold aims, I have to wonder if more tech focused items might have worked better in this setting. Three points of interest for me; talking about privacy and intimacy; the prudence principle; and the inclusion of sustainable development.

The principles of the current declaration are like points on a moral compass that will help guide the development of artificial intelligence towards morally and socially desirable ends. They also offer an ethical framework that promotes internationally recognized human rights in the fields affected by the rollout of artificial intelligence. Taken as a whole, the principles articulated lay the foundation for cultivating social trust towards artificially intelligent systems.