Note — Nov 04, 2018

The Dream of Virtual Reality Is Dying

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When the “dream” is that of entrepreneurs and media and doesn’t line up with anything a mass of consumers wants. Also, another case of the offering not matching expectations. It will be interesting to see what kind of base Apple can build with their Augmented Reality (AR) efforts and how (if ever) they manage to “flip” that to VR.

Oculus sold off to Facebook and has become little more than a parlor trick Mark Zuckerberg shows off at every F8 event. […]

VR adoption will only happen when the barrier to entry is akin to slipping on a pair of sunglasses (and even then it’s no sure thing). Most people don’t want to wear a bulky headset, even in private, there’s no must have “killer app” for VR, and no one has made a simple plug-and-play option that lets a novice user engage casually.