Note — Sep 16, 2018

The Educational Tyranny of the Neurotypicals

Another interesting line of thought this week by Joichi Ito. He draws attention to some of many different ways our brains work, how most education does not recognize that diversity, tries to mold it for a certain kind of work, and how we can not only better serve (and respect) everyone but also at the same time better prepare them for the future of work.

Accepting and respecting neurodiversity is the key to surviving the transformation driven by the internet and AI, which is shattering the Newtonian predictability of the past and replacing it with a Heisenbergian world of complexity and uncertainty. […]

Unfortunately, most schools struggle to integrate atypical learners, even though it’s increasingly clear that interest-driven learning, project-based learning, and undirected learning seem better suited for the greater diversity of neural types we now know exist. […]

In a world where real robots are taking over many of those tasks, perhaps we need to embrace neurodiversity and encourage collaborative learning through passion, play, and projects, in other words, to start teaching kids to learn in ways that machines can’t.