Note — Oct 21, 2018

The Feminist Dystopia Rises: ‘The Power,’ ‘Red Clocks,’ ‘Vox,’ & More

Looks at a few recent dystopic stories by women, how deeply they are rooted in the present and how “small” a tweak can bring about a horrible imagined society. Closely tracks to the old phrase “one man’s utopia is another (wo)man’s dystopia, and vice-versa.”

Over the last couple of years, though, fiction’s dystopias have changed. They’re largely written by, and concerned with, women. They imagine worlds ravaged by climate change, worlds in which humanity’s progress unravels. Most significantly, they consider reproduction, and what happens when societies try to legislate it. […]

The genius of The Power is that it conveys how entirely the world is built on male power and male privilege, to the extent that societal structures topple as soon as women are given the advantage.