Note — May 12, 2019

The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES)

You’ve likely seen this so I considered not including anything but at the same time, I can’t not link to what’s happening. Here’s the actual Media Release. The numbers are staggering, vertiginous, and scary af. Basically, just as we are finally coming to grips with the urgency of tackling climate change, we need to broaden our thinking even more and realize that we are causing a massive extinction event, destroying ecosystems around the planet and jeopardizing our very existence. We don’t need to curb our use of fossil fuels, we need to curb… well, everything we do. Not the best article but certainly the best, most accurate title: Humanity Is About to Kill 1 Million Species in an Epic Murder-Suicide.

Human society under urgent threat from loss of Earth’s natural life

“The health of the ecosystems on which we and other species depend is deteriorating more rapidly than ever. We are eroding the very foundations of economies, livelihoods, food security, health and quality of life worldwide, [w]e have lost time. We must act now.” […]

“This is fundamental to humanity. We are not just talking about nice species out there; this is our life support system.” […]

The study paints a picture of a suffocating man-made sameness spreading across the planet, as a small range of cash-crops and high-value livestock are replacing forests and other nature rich ecosystems. As well as eroding the soil, which causes a loss of fertility, these monocultures are more vulnerable to disease, drought and other impacts of climate breakdown. […]

“People shouldn’t panic, but they should begin drastic change. Business as usual with small adjustments won’t be enough.”

David Attenborough on How to Save Our Planet 📹

“We now determine nature’s survival. The planet, is ours.” … “The plan for our planet is remarkably simple. Reduce our impact by making sure that everything we do, we can do forever.”

We’ll soon know the exact air pollution from every power plant in the world. That’s huge.

AI for good. Looking forward to what this leads to, including critiques of the AI part of the data analysis and how well it holds up.

In a nutshell: A nonprofit artificial intelligence firm called WattTime is going to use satellite imagery to precisely track the air pollution (including carbon emissions) coming out of every single power plant in the world, in real time. And it’s going to make the data public.

📈 Nature’s emergency: Where we are in five graphics. “The felling of forests, the plundering of seas and soils, and the pollution of air and water are together pushing the natural world to the brink.”