Note — Nov 17, 2019

The Internet We Lost

Anil Dash interviewed on The Weeds podcast. Riffing off the interview: one of the things which drew my attention is when Dash talks about Facebook and Google vs the media, he talks about the ad market being made more efficient. It’s something we don’t think about often enough; the companies say they optimize but the media often use a tone almost like that revenu was stolen from them. It wasn’t, they made a living from a broken model and efficiencies took the advertisers elsewhere. It’s not coming back, however much people scream about FB and G taking all the revenue. Nothing new there, just found it interesting the Dash uses the language of the “side” he’s not on, which makes for a better argument, imho.

He also talks about Facebook almost as a lowest common denominator; the easy place to get stuff up online, but being slowly replaced by other platforms where communities move to. It reminds me of AOL, which for many was the easiest way to originally go online but as people got more fluent in “internet stuff” and other options in turn got easier, the company slowly shrank to nothing. Facebook is far form that, but losing ground in various areas.