Note — Nov 25, 2018

The Next Weird

How quickly we’ve gone from The New Normal to The Next Weird. Starting from the California fires, a good quick overview of our current situation by Alex Steffen. He doesn’t mention it in this piece but I often think of his framing of “being a good ancestor.”

The planetary crisis we’re in isn’t just about climate, it’s about the living fabric of the world and the myriad ways our human systems interconnect with and depend on that fabric. The planetary crisis is also about extinction, worldwide resource depletion, a silent emergency of topsoil loss, the rise of disease vectors and the threat of pandemics — all of which threaten to set afire social instability and violent conflict. Almost all national militaries are now climate action advocates. They understand the world we’re cooking up. […]

If we could with any confidence say, “We’re trading the old normal for a definable new normal,” we’d be in much better shape. Instead, we now live in a world where expectation shattering events hit us, in largely unforeseeable ways, on an unpredictable schedule. The world around us is not only getting weirder, it’s getting weirder in weirder ways.