Note — Nov 13, 2022

Thinking Together

This issue is pretty long so I won’t summarise this one much. Gordon Brander sees “three trends that seem like part of the winding path forward. Thinking with a second brain. Thinking together at Dunbar-scale. Thinking with the network.” I’ll leave you to it if those topics interest you, but I’ll mention that his first trend links to ITEs and digital gardens, and the second to a few things, including small groups and the multiplayer web.

Philosopher Paul Tillich posits that when social sensemaking fails to keep up with reality, we experience it as a kind of mass neurosis. Everybody has a crisis of meaning at the same time. Life stops making sense. […]

The user-generated content era, where most information is produced/consumed by users, in a tight feedback loop between attention allocation and content production/consumption. […]

Egregores are collective intelligence that emerges from our individual interactions, sort of like how price signals emerge from the individual actions of many market participants. They need continued interaction to survive, and can often be found manifesting around the frontlines of interminable memetic conflicts.