Note — Oct 25, 2020

This Is Real Life

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This is excellent on groups building their own realities, stories, collective ideas, QAnon as ARG, science vs religion, and “contradictory reality bubbles.“ I especially liked the idea of “narrative violations” when these parallel realities overlap (clash?), Sillicon Valley and its narrative power (think Steve Jobs) as a kind of new Hollywood and whether Europe’s absence of religiosity is hindering its capacity to create these uber stories.

Every large human cooperation system is based on a fictional idea that only lives in our collective minds. […]

Social media has made conspiracy theorizing so addictive and immersive that the line between story and reality can become incredibly blurry. […]

[W]e have created a fragmented reality with hyper-realistic CGI influencers, bots, deepfakes, AI pretending to be humans and humans pretending to be AI. We don’t live in a single timeline with a single history, but in a variety of “contradictory reality bubbles“. […]

Maçães thinks the answer is Silicon Valley, which he describes as “a fantasy land where engineering talent and capital come together to power the serious project of creating new worlds out of nothing”