Note — Dec 16, 2018

To Slow Down Climate Change, We Need To Take On Capitalism

Kim Stanley Robinson laying out our current situation and a combination of things we could do to try and extricate our way out of it. Of interest because he’s one of a few people now trying to frame climate change around a challenge to remake society, including reducing inequality. Also echoed in the green new deal piece last week and overlapping to some degree with Thomas Piketty’s group which this week presented a plan for ‘a fairer Europe.’

The future has crashed into the present, and everyone who’s willing to look can see what we’re headed for. […]

And that [capitalist] system’s oversimple algorithm, which measures priceless things in terms of quarterly profit and shareholder value, is mindlessly chewing up the biosphere and the lives of everyone in it. […]

So climate change and capitalism are two parts of the same problem; they are effect and cause. And capitalism is not only driving climate change, but also our response to it — by influencing government policy, and the development of new technology, and our basic understanding of the options open to us as we fight for a planet that can sustain life. We need to fix our economic systems, meaning our political systems, in order to fix climate change.