Note — Jan 31, 2021

Towards the Orthogonal Technology Lab, v0.1

Some weeks ago I wrote the post Fellowships as a service, a couple of months back I wrote On projects, newsletters, products, and formats, and I’ve included a few articles in the weekly around squads, private communities, and loosely joined professional networks. The above by Matt Webb fits in that still kind of vague but coalescing area of collaborative indie research. In this case he’s outlining an hypothetical think tank - lab to innovate in the B2C product space.

So I guess what I’m asking for is a different kind of think tank, not one that works with recommendations and reports and regulation, but a new think tank that trades in politically opinionated, worked examples that demonstrate, demystify, and de-risk. […]

So there’s a focus on B2C, rather than enterprise, and there’s a focus on the smart assembling of existing tech rather than innovating new tech - though that’s not to say that patentable technology won’t be found. […]

[T]he core activity probably follows a standard innovation pipeline. There’s concepting, prototyping, and development work, all separated by gates, and a healthy cull at each gate. […]

[O]rthogonal innovation, a series of quite ordinary steps but simply in a different direction