Note — Feb 27, 2022

Two More (From Cyberpunk to Solarpunk and False Futurism)

This issue is quite long enough already, and these two don’t necessarily add enough to other articles I’ve shared previously to be featured but…

From cyberpunk to solarpunk
For those really into solarpunk (like me), worth noting for the weaving together with Lewis Mumford’s Authoritarian and Democratic Technics. I’d like to see something similar with Ursula M. Franklin’s view of prescriptive v holistic technologies (see her 1989 CBC Massey Lectures, “The Real World of Technology” or the book). Holistic techs are definitely solarpunk.

What I would call democratic technics is the small scale method of production, resting mainly on human skill and animal energy but always, even when employing machines, remaining under the active direction of the craftsman or the farmer, each group developing its own gifts, through appropriate arts and social ceremonies, as well as making discreet use of the gifts of nature.

False futurism
Paris Marx on the false futurism of the metaverse, where he paints a good picture of how Facepalm, Microsoft, and others are pushing to jump beyond mobile (and its gatekeepers who beat them) as fast as possible, and get another chance at dominance.