Note — Nov 01, 2020

Un-Fracking Futures

Being able to look your kid in the eye a few years from now, being a good ancestor, not strip-mining the future, un-fracking the future. Peter Bihr with a reflection more and more people are having and hopefully way more will have … just about right the f**k now. But also, he explains his thinking using the futures cone with an interesting tweak I’ll keep around; environmental tipping points as lenses focusing and defocusing the “probables” zone.

The futures cone is not perfect, maybe take the opportunity to look at John V Willshire’s Introduction to Assemblage Space which expands the tool. (Already linked to in issue No.137.)

If our decisions and actions reduce the options space available to those in the future, they’re objectively bad. We’re strip mining the potential of the future. […]

We have to put planetary health as the leading principle over everything else. I expect that in the longer term that would have a ton of positive externalities to boot: More resilience, less poverty. Better quality of life, better health.