Note — Sep 26, 2021

Ushering in the Era of “Beneficial Intelligence”

Another older piece, this one from 2016, sent to me by Michelle Kasprzak following my own Intelligences Dispatch, and with good reason. The text was commissioned for the 2016 edition of the GOGBOT Festival: Post-Singularity, so I’m going to go out on a (rather solid) limb and say that it likely takes the post-singularity for granted more than Kasprzak usually would. From there though, an excellent consideration of supposedly superior AIs, ethics, art, other intelligences, and our control and understanding of what ‘we’ create.

More broadly, I’m especially taking note of her phrases “free from a uniform agenda, artists and designers can imagine where we can go and question our vision at each step,” and “technology and culture make meaning together.” The perspective(s) of art on technology is something I’m increasingly attentive to for sensemaking opportunities, in part thanks to HOLO’s work and in particular their collaborations with MUTEK, like The MUTEK Recorder. (Since everything is connected, Evans who wrote the second piece above also hosted said Recorder.)

[A]s Stephen Hawking also remarked, it’s critically important to “…shift the goal of AI from creating pure undirected artificial intelligence to creating beneficial intelligence.” […]

Artistic pioneer Remko Scha, who believed that art could be created by machines, demands that we conceive of our algorithms and machines as equal partners, as collaborators. […]

This historical case underscores the notion that we are impressive builders, but we are also in competition with dozens of other known and unknown species on this earth — some of whom will be our own creations, post-Singularity.