Note — Nov 22, 2020

Love the USPS? Join the Infrastructure Appreciation Society!

Paul Ford with a short ode to public infrastructure. He writes very well, is funny, and correct, so you should have a read. (I might start using his phrase “a single human node within a lattice of overlapping networks” in my bio.)

This little question—where does it go next, and what happens then?—is the secret to understanding much of what humans built. You can ask this question about an email, a data packet, a census form, or a vote. You can ask it about farm workers, Google searches, photons, and Ubers. […]

A truly big idea isn’t fully formed until it has been arranged to work in a network. And that turns networks into maps of power. […]

I confess that I am suspicious of people who do not love good infrastructure. I’m not saying you must love institutions or trust them. But we should consider them daily and pay them mind, and tend to them with our taxes so they can do their work. And make noise when they fail to serve us.

More → And as always when speaking of infrastructure love and expertise, don't forget Ingrid Burrington’s Networks of New York.