Note — Jan 13, 2019

Very Slow Movie Player

Smart and thoughtful is probably how I’d describe Bryan Boyer, whom I’ve been following for years through his coding, architecture, and strategy projects. This one, the Very Slow Movie Player, fits the bill. Some well thought out ideas and reflections, brought to life through code and design. Lovely and probably something he could Kickstart with success. Read the whole thing, the project opens onto lots of other potentials for epaper in architecture and urbanism.

A film watched at 1/3,600th of the original speed is not a very slow movie, it’s a hazy timepiece. A Very Slow Movie Player (VSMP) doesn’t tell you the time; it helps you see yourself against the smear of time. […]

It is impossible to “watch” in a traditional way because it’s too slow. In a staring contest with VSMP you will always lose. It can be noticed, glanced-at, or even inspected, but not watched. […]

LCD, OLED, and other emissive screen technologies do not respect context, they obliterate it. Displays using ePaper are still largely black and white but here’s something ePaper can do that emissive displays cannot: work politely in the dark.