Note — Apr 25, 2021

VR Goes Where?

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I never paid all that much attention to VR, however I find the longer term vision of a metaverse quite fascinating so I’ve started looking a bit more closely at VR. In this, the first of a trio of posts, Andrew Sempere goes exploring the current state of the field. I’m including it for two main reasons: it’s an unusual consideration of VR by someone whose critique and tone are refreshing. Yet he has worked in the field, it’s from someone who hopes it could be great.

Two, and this line of thought surely exists elsewhere but does not seem to be part of the main narrative around VR, it connects to the first article where the dream of AI is perhaps not the “right” dream. I’m wondering if bringing our human shape and perceptions in VR is not, perhaps, also the wrong goal?

My take here has always been critical, and this critique remains: I find VR interesting, but the degree to which it requires you to relinquish your actual physical body in order to experience sensation is disturbing. […]

[I]f you have ever gone through the significant trouble of enjoying [SCUBA diving and skiing] you know how the sensation of being hampered by your equipment melts once you are in the "correct" environment: the sensation isn't one of limit but augmentation.