Note — Apr 18, 2021

Waking up in the Monster Factory

This whole podcast interview with Vinay Gupta is some very potent abyss gazing, yet delivered in a no-nonsense, direct, no fucks given way. It’s also worth some serious pondering, most of what Gupta talks about I’ve already covered through various articles shared here, but his wrapping of multiple challenges together in a clear systemic and longterm view, and the in-your-face directness, come together as a strong but necessary medicine. (Via Doug Belshaw.)

[W]hy we ought to abandon all causes except the avoidance of total human extinction, why our situation is not just a repackaged mythical eschatology, why the victors of global capitalism are becoming the new losers, why we live in a ‘monster factory’, the reality that poverty IS collapse, why love is not enough, why a UBI might be the best thing we can do to escape the worst impacts of collapse.