Note — Sep 16, 2018

We Must Slow Innovation in Internet-Connected Things

Bruce Schneier on his new book, on his use of the term “Internet+,” on the fact that we are ever closer to a world where everything is a computer, that we just don’t make our computers all that secure, and we need governments to step in to force companies into building more secure products.

[T]he internet now affects the world in a direct physical manner, and that changes everything. It’s no longer about risks to data, but about risks to life and property. And the title really points out that there’s physical danger here, and that things are different than they were just five years ago. […]

Computers aren’t yet widely embedded in our bodies, but they’re deeply embedded in our lives. […]

We’re past the point where we need to discuss regulation versus no-regulation for connected things; we have to discuss smart regulation versus stupid regulation.