Note — Feb 14, 2021

We Need a New Work Culture

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I haven’t had a proper job since early 2003 so it’s a bit of a mystery why I’m curious about the future of work and how organizations function. Perhaps in the hope of finding more smoothly working clients, and/or eventually working in very flexible and fluid squads of collaborators that can easily connect to these organizations? Whatever the reason, I pay attention and here’s a manifesto-esque post by Stowe Boyd with some useful and, dare I say, inspiring thoughts on the new work culture we need.

We need a new work culture, one that is larger than company cultures, and one that is not the product of corporate mythologizing or the propaganda of internal communications. We need a deep work culture grounded in science and centered on the welfare — financial, psychological, and physical — of working people, not a shallow culture that glorifies bronze age charismatic leadership while downplaying the strength of emergent order that arises from the messiness of social self-governance. […]

We need to seek fluidarity, a more agile version of the solidarity that unions were based on. Where we don’t have to agree on everything, we only need to agree on a few core principles, like an end to precarity, fair pay for work, fair access to work, fair redress for grievances, and a larger voice in the governance of companies where we work.