Note — Jan 27, 2019

“We Need Architecture that Is More than Just Green”

Darran Anderson on building / preparing cities for the coming climate-changed decades, considering the urban with, and as, the environment, and reducing impact in the countryside. Anderson also highlights some of the useless posturing and links to multiple projects to illustrate his discourse.

Designing for the actual world, as it will unfold for the vast majority of people, is a task best approached with what philosopher Antonio Gramsci called “pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will”. […]

To survive, cities will have to embrace their environmental aspect while the countryside will have to be increasingly engineered in concentrated spaces, in order to save the wider environment. […]

Much of the focus on smart cities has been geared towards surveillance or sociological efficiencies, but data-driven technology could be used to drive and support urban ecosystems, minimising waste and energy and maximising growth.