Note — Dec 02, 2018

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I’m always drawn to these kinds of projects, and need to dive deeper in the processes involved. This one is “a future townscape that explores the changing relationship between citizens, technology, and local government.” Following a workshop run by the always sharp and thoughtful folks at Strange Telemetry, the discussions were interwoven into ten stories about citizens which you can explore on this map, each story details how it would be organized, the role of local government, use of tech, and reference points.

Our fictional town and its cast of characters sets out an unashamedly positive vision of a preferred future in which interactions between citizens and local government are balanced and collaborative, and data and digital platforms are deployed for public benefit rather than private gain. […]

If, as theatre-maker Annette Mees says, the future is fictional and the fictions created about it help us set our direction of travel, then the making of stories about the future we want should be something we can all be involved in - not just the media, politicians, or brands.