Note — Sep 09, 2018

Welcome to the Metadata Society — and Beware

What if the metadata of our lives was used to determine how populations are feeling and trending, to then affect their behaviour through the information they are shown? In a way controlling said population. Points for mentioning Asimov’s Foundation series with mathematician Hari Seldon’s fictitious science of Psychohistory.

With metadata, new forms of biopolitical control could be used to establish mass and behavioural control, such as online activities in social media channels or passenger flows in public transport. […]

The accumulation of figures and numbers through the information society has reached a point where they become a space and create a new topology. […]

What is threatening about this algorithmic regulation is not only the subtlety of control that takes place somewhere in the opaque machine rooms of private corporations, but that a techno-authoritarian political mode could be installed, in which the masses would be a politico-physical quantity. Only what has a mass of data has weight in the political discourse. […]