Note — Apr 14, 2019

Why the Cool Kids Are Playing Dungeons & Dragons

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The de-geeking and mainstreaming of D&D seems to be complete and Annalee Newitz has an excellent take on why she’s playing again, partially in response to the awfulness of social media. (Also, there’s a bunch of “nerdy-ass voice actors” playing D&D on Twitch and some of their videos on YouTube have 10 million views and they raised $12 million on Kickstarter for an animated series. 🤯)

“Yes, I’m going to get together with people face-to-face, without any hearting or retweeting, and we’re going to eat chips and fight those damn cultists who are trying to resurrect the evil, five-headed dragon queen Tiamat.” […]

But D&D isn’t only about inventing a more badass version of myself, with wings and magic powers instead of sneakers and a laptop. I was also drawn to the idea of building a social group whose baseline assumption was that we’d see one another regularly. There’s a sense of purpose to the gathering.