Note — Oct 21, 2018

Why the Cooperative Model Needs to Be at the Heart of Our New Economy

Good interview about coops and Nathan Schneider’s new book on the topic. Some good references and insights.

African Americans, following the abolition of slavery, pioneered the formation of co-op lending circles, stores, and insurance pools to support one another when the government neglected them. […]

[T]he various cooperative models are not only feasible in the modern economy, but could also help rectify some of its more serious ailments, from social inequity to economic disenfranchisement. […]

“When we know the diversity and dexterity of past models, we’ll be better at finding the combinations we need for the present.” […]

CPA is one of those powerful co-ops that operates mainly in the background of society. It’s not “disrupting” anything around it, but rather solidifying bonds across a community that the mainstream economy often fails. That, to Schneider, is the true power of cooperative models.

Those left out of economies past have learned that shared prosperity only really comes with shared power.