Note — May 15, 2022

Wind-up Worlds

Let me use a tired image; this piece by Jay Springett is a bit of an I Know Kung Fu kind of thing. I’m not sure I understand everything yet, and there are some 🐇🕳 I haven’t dropped into yet, but it’s a fascinating post “about Wind-up Worlds, World Running and the urgent collective pivot we need to make towards Slow Social experiences.”

He already covers a lot of ground so I’m not going to try to synthesize it further, just draw your attention to a few parts. 1. Notice his use of grey and green boxes for asides and open questions respectively. Visually signaling evolving thinking, I like it! 2. Be sure to watch the Blaseball video (and read his comments), not something I would have done on my own, and that would have been a mistake. 3. I’m very much into his idea of slow social, the Sentiers Discord is kind of barely waving in that direction, Jay goes a lot further. I’m “putting a pin” on that topic to revisit.

The study of the creation of worlds is still in its infancy. But all the same, worlds can now be found everywhere: Video Games, table top roleplaying sourcebooks, literature, film and comic-book universes with cross media rights, histories and IP, bottom up web3 / power fandoms, theme parks, public buildings, collaborative writing projects, offices, video chat tools and more. […]

What is Worlding? Worlding is the artistic activity of an individual artist conceiving, incubating, triggering, and nurturing a World towards aliveness. […]

Slow Social, is the name I’m giving to shared online social spaces that are more like gardens. One doesn’t need to spend all day there – engagement isn’t a metric to be optimised for. A slow social space could be a wind up world with persistence, that unfolds over a long period of time. […]

Collective online governance should be designed as a slow social experience. It should not be – or further become – the hellish 24/7 technocratic LARPs we have today. … I want my Governance to be a thing that I tend (and attend) to – like a garden, or my house plants.