Note — Jan 15, 2021

A Modest Proposal to Save the World Through “Tequiology”

A modest proposal to save the world through “tequiology”

Tequio has also become a strategy for meeting everyday needs. Just as the modern-day technology of free, open-source code has enabled collective progress in the digital sphere, the communal labor of tequio raises the possibility of resistance in Abya Yala — and survival of the world at large.

There is a serendipitous affinity between the logic of collective effort and free cooperation that defines open-source software like Linux and the philosophy of many indigenous communities who built structures to survive the harshness of colonial rule. Both rely on mutual support and small-scale, community-level labor linked into a circuit of larger tasks.

When technologies are deployed in forms that resemble tequio, rather than in pursuit of insatiable competitive growth, we may indeed get a true solution to the dire climate emergency we are facing.

In the face of our current global climate emergency, we need to foster forms of technological development that emphasize living with dignity, not infinite economic growth as an end in itself.