Praise for Sentiers

Brings things to my attention that I don’t see linked anywhere else, & has perfected a tone that I’d call “curiously critical”: neither 🤩 nor 😤, but simply… 🤓

Robin Sloan

100%, without a doubt, the smartest and most interesting newsletter-type-thing I read each week (and I read a terrifying amount).

Matt Muir

Sentiers is my regular go-to, thanks to its mesh of design, economics, sustainability, organizational theory, and business.

Ana Andjelic


[Sentiers] is about imagining, critiquing, and building futures. I’m always impressed with what Patrick surfaces and I bet you’ll be too.

Kristoffer at Naive Weekly

Patrick knows a thing or two about newsletters. His own newsletter is an absolute gem of great finds from the sociological to the technological, from design to sci-fi & more. It’s just excellent

Daniel Harvey

Patrick writes one of the few newsletters that arrives in my inbox and provides actual value.

Tamy Emma Pepin


One of our favourite email newsletters, it’s consistently awesome.

Angus and Tane at Future Crunch

One of the most fascinating content curators in town… and even internationally.

Matthieu Dugal

Sentiers newsletter by @inevernu is incredible. The breadth of the research & commentary and how it all hangs together is astonishing.

Peter McEwen

Praise for The Alpine Review

This magazine’s so extraordinarily good that it makes Montréal look hipper than Berlin.

—Bruce Sterling

The Alpine Review reaches a level where they can write about almost everything. And you will listen. The quality of the writing and the people that are involved are outstanding. Topped with a lot of surprises and little snippets, it is a masterpiece.

—Jeremy Leslie, magCulture

It’s one of those magazines you want to save for the weekend to enjoy. You want to spend time with it.

—Tyler Brûlé, Monocle