Newsletter No.214 — Apr 10, 2022

A Sequence of Dunbar-Like Numbers ⊗ Speaking Is 2.8x Better than Picking Fleas ⊗ Low-Technology

This week → A sequence of Dunbar-like numbers ⊗ How speaking is 2.8x better than picking fleas ⊗ Low-technology: why sustainability doesn’t have to depend on high-tech solutions ⊗ Three more things you won’t believe about Speculative Design ⊗ Third places ⊗ Opportunity cost in policy

A year ago → A favourite in issue No.168 was How to Map Nothing by Shannon Mattern.

For various reasons and through multiple prompts, I’ve been meaning to get back into blogging but doing so on my personal site, with all the time I’m dedicating to Sentiers, seems like splitting my efforts for no reason. Right now, Notes on the website are pieces of the newsletter, plus a few others I add once in a while, meant as ‘connective tissue’ between the newsletter pieces. From now on, I’ll also start treating Notes as blog posts; between fleshed-out articles and short one-topic notes. This is likely more details than most of you want to know, but it’s one kind of thing we’ve been discussing in the members’ Discord, so I thought I’d share (the $20 special is still on, btw).

I’m also mentioning blogging because the first item below is basically just that, an unpolished and un-researched blog post, followed by the regular newsletter. Hopefully, I manage to actually blog, and perhaps I include one here once in a while.