Newsletter No.244 — Nov 27, 2022

Can Solarpunk Save the World? ⊗ A Great Leap Forward in AI ⊗ Neal Stephenson’s Vision Is Very Much Alive

This week → Can solarpunk save the world? ⊗ A great leap forward in AI ⊗ Neal Stephenson’s vision is very much alive ⊗ Don Quixote tells us how the Star Wars franchise ends ⊗ Whose Future?

A year ago → A favourite in issue No.198 was Science Fiction Is a Luddite Literature by Cory Doctorow.

On a personal note, after years of catching signals for a print magazine, this newsletter, and clients. After some more years reading and writing about lessons, practices, and theories concerning “futures, foresights, forecasts and fabulations,” I’m stepping things up. Together with Catalina Briceño and Catherine Mathys, we’re starting a new foresight consultancy, la Société des demains. Contact us there or hit reply if you want to know more!