Newsletter No.218 — May 08, 2022

“Technology in the Present Tense” - Notes From a Weary Luddite ⊗ Should We Ditch Sustainability? ⊗ How Fungi Can Help Feed Future Space Colonies

Also this week → Storytelling - Harmon vs. McKee ⊗ How heterarchy can help us put hierarchy in its place ⊗ Inside ‘the most real of fictional places’ ⊗ The next Gary Hustwit movie is about Brian Eno

A year ago → A favourite in issue No.172 was left alone, together by Jenny at The Roof is on Phire.

Nice little bump in subscribers this week, especially on Monday, but I can’t find where you all came from and I’d like to know. Please hit reply and tell me how you found Sentiers if you signed-up Monday?

The members’ Discord was a bit calmer the last few days but we’ve had some excellent discussions so far, do consider becoming a member and come have a chat with us! (The special Discord price is available for a couple more weeks, if you prefer.)