The Learning Collection booklet

Much of the practice of Thought Partnership and more than a few of the ideas I’ve used in discussion with clients have emerged from research I was doing for a few years while Editor-in-Chief and content curator for e180, writing a fortnightly newsletter and an online magazine, both on the various forms and importance of learning.

As a first Sentiers collection of articles, it was natural to have a look back at some of these lessons by revisiting a few of the pieces I wrote during that time. As I mention on the homepage, it’s always been my modus operandi to dive into a domain, learn everything I could, become a “person who knows stuff" and gain a professional footing in this way. Constant learning is part of what I do, but it’s also part of what has become essential for everyone. I hope this collection helps you master that habit.


  • Become Future-Proof
  • Allowing Ourselves to Start
  • Three Simple Learning Practices
  • Work & Learn Out Loud
  • Be Question Driven