May 07, 2019

We Seek(ed)

Quick post just to regroup some of the work I did with e180, for easy linking and a bit of context.

From roughly summer 2015 to spring 2018 I was Editor-in-Chief of the online magazine We Seek for e180. I also created the fortnightly newsletter of the same name. It's also through collaboration with the excellent team there that I initially came up with the idea of calling my practice Thought Partnership.

If you want to check out my work, I curated issues 1 through 74. I also wrote or commissioned / edited all articles up to July 3rd 2018.

This was the framing back then:

We believe that to always keep learning is the best strategy to remain effective, active and relevant. This applies to organizations of all types and to individuals. What can you do to advance, to evolve? What are the strategies and tactics to get better, more effective, more knowledgeable but also more focused, balanced and in flow?

We also produced a short run print magazine around the same topics, it looked like this: