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Brings things to my attention that I don’t see linked anywhere else, & has perfected a tone that I’d call “curiously critical”: neither 🤩 nor 😤, but simply… 🤓

Robin Sloan

100%, without a doubt, the smartest and most interesting newsletter-type-thing I read each week (and I read a terrifying amount).

Matt Muir

Sentiers is my regular go-to, thanks to its mesh of design, economics, sustainability, organizational theory, and business.

Ana Andjelic

Some recurring inquiries

  • Where is technology going, how can it be more humane?
  • How can we bring about the futures we want?
  • What are the important signals of change and past lessons which might provide glimpses of what’s coming?
  • How should cities evolve for their citizens?
  • Are AIs new competitors or new companions?
  • What of the climate, ecosystems, and systems in general?

Latest issues

No.202 — Jan 16, 2022

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No.201 — Jan 09, 2022

Your Attention Is Not a Resource ⊗ Routine Maintenance ⊗ How Bad Are Plastics, Really?

No.200 — Dec 11, 2021

The Pirate Codes ⊗ The Myth of Artificial Intelligence ⊗ Statistical Imaginaries