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[Sentiers] is about imagining, critiquing, and building futures. I’m always impressed with what Patrick surfaces and I bet you’ll be too.

Kristoffer at Naive Weekly

Sentiers is my regular go-to, thanks to its mesh of design, economics, sustainability, organizational theory, and business.

Ana Andjelic

One of our favourite email newsletters, it’s consistently awesome.

Angus and Tane at Future Crunch

Hi, I’m Patrick Tanguay

A generalist, synthesist, and curator of eclectic ideas here at Sentiers. My usual process is to read all the time and get obsessed with certain topics. I’m on my fourth or fifth career, and for each I was self-taught, learning everything I could until I became the person who’s “generally in the know about stuff,” which is how I found everyone I’ve worked for or partnered with.

Sentiers and Thought Partnership are how I reconcile these habits and the endless knowledge found online; sharing with anyone  through the newsletter and for specific needs when collaborating with clients.

To read more about my current thinking, you can have a look at the articles page, I still sporadically blog on my personal site, and of course the archive of the weekly newsletter as well as the unlocked member’s Dispatches.

Previously I was a web developer for 15 plus years, co-founded the first coworking space in Montréal, Station C, and co-initiated the critically acclaimed print magazine The Alpine Review. Over the years I also helped start a number of groups bringing people and ideas together: The Awesome Foundation Montréal, Webcamp, Creative Mornings Montréal, and Hacks/Hackers Montréal. Back in the day I was caretaker of the oldest and longest running blogger meetup, Yulblog (we still meet a couple of times a year).