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Thoughtful, inquisitive, and eclectic, each issue presents a carefully curated selection of articles exploring technology in society, signals of changes, and prospective futures.

Brings things to my attention that I don’t see linked anywhere else, & has perfected a tone that I’d call “curiously critical”: neither 🤩 nor 😤, but simply… 🤓

Robin Sloan

100%, without a doubt, the smartest and most interesting newsletter-type-thing I read each week (and I read a terrifying amount).

Matt Muir

Sentiers is my regular go-to, thanks to its mesh of design, economics, sustainability, organizational theory, and business.

Ana Andjelic

Latest issues

No.188 — Sep 19, 2021

The Form and Function of Science-Fiction ⊗ Brian Eno’s Design Principles for Streets ⊗ Machine Learning’s Crumbling Foundations

No.187 — Sep 12, 2021

Can the World Computer Save the World? ⊗ Imagining the Future Is Just Another Form of Memory ⊗ Notes Are Conversations Across Time

No.186 — Sep 05, 2021

Technological Lessons From the Pandemic ⊗ Revenge of the Real ⊗ Solarpunk Is Not About Pretty Aesthetics. It’s About the End of Capitalism