Newsletter No.100 — Oct 27, 2019

A World Built to Burn ⊗ Bundling & Unbundling ⊗ Neural Nets, People All the Way Down ⊗ Moderation Creates Communities ⊗ Catalonian Activism

This week → A World We Built to Burn ⊗ Bundling and Unbundling ⊗ Neural nets are just people all the way down ⊗ Twitch CEO Emmett Shear on how moderation creates communities ⊗ Catalonia has created a new kind of online activism. Everyone should pay attention

A year ago → The Oldest True Stories in the World.

One hundred issues. Not bad. Not bad at all. At various points I’ve wanted to do something special, create a printed thing with some favourites (using this), or go back through all issues and send you one with the best of the best. In the end, what matters most bubbles to the surface and the arbitrary (but fun!) milestone didn’t rise above other things to do, like finishing up the new website or sending the first members’ Dispatches. So nothing but a nice round number to notice 😉. Onwards to No.200!

I will however be re-launching Les ponts. Email coming soon, returning November 8th.)