Newsletter No.71 — Mar 17, 2019

AI in Art and Science. Design Nonfiction. A Tech Supra-State? Greta. Hudson Yards. The Tool to Travel Through Layers.

This week: AI in art and science. Design Nonfiction. A tech supra-state? Greta. Hudson Yards. The tool to travel through layers.

A year ago: How To Become A Centaur.


Probably partly because Evan said this: “Reading Sentiers newsletter while waiting in line at SXSW and wondering how I get to the conference where all these writers are.” One of my first thoughts when scrolling through the list of interviewees from Design Nonfiction was back to this inkling I have that there might be an interesting small (5-10 people?) event format to be done around smart videos. It’s expensive and CO2 emitting to fly to events left and right, speakers often give the same talk over and over anyway, and the best part of many events is often usually the hallway discussion so what if a salon-ish watching and discussing? Hit reply for a Montréal one or perhaps a broader Slack chat?