Newsletter No.195 — Nov 07, 2021

AI Is No Match for the Quirks of Human Intelligence ⊗ The Future of AI Is a Conversation with a Computer ⊗ The Industrial Re-Revolution

This week → AI is no match for the quirks of human intelligence ⊗ The future of AI is a conversation with a computer ⊗ The industrial re-revolution ⊗ Hey, Facebook, I made a Metaverse 27 years ago ⊗ Network intersubjectives

A year ago → The most popular article in issue No.149 was How Discord (somewhat accidentally) invented the future of the internet by David Pierce.

Something to note if / when you think “oh no, AI again” or “oh no, not the **verse again!” A lot of the articles I include are there for their central topic, yes, but also often for a slightly different perspective or because they are poking at a hard problem in different ways, surfacing intriguing twists in perspective or knotty challenges and potential solutions. The top four today do some variation of that, for example the first piece below starts from AI but explains some quirks of our own intelligence, which are interesting in their own right, but also because of how they constitute challenges for an hypothetical Artificial General Intelligence. Nothing super new on the AI side, but an excellent read for what it assembles.