Newsletter No.107 — Dec 15, 2019

An Introduction to Metamodernism ⊗ Jeff Bezos’s Vision of the Future Is Blade Runner ⊗ The Dark Side of the Nordic Model

This week → An introduction to metamodernism: the cultural philosophy of the digital age ⊗ Jeff Bezos’s vision of the future Is basically Blade Runner ⊗ The dark side of the Nordic model ⊗ It’s 2071, and we have bioengineered our own extinction.

A year ago → The ‘Future Book' is here, but It's not what we expected.

A busy week and an annoying head cold made this one a bit of a hassle to bring together, so even though I’ve been making an effort to write longer more thoughtful notes for each article, this week they’re mostly pretty succinct ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Second, this issue will be the last of 2019, I’m taking a three week break, see you in 2020! (Except if you’re a member, then expect at least one Dispatch this week.)