Newsletter No.194 — Oct 31, 2021

City Data Commons for the Climat Crisis ⊗ Jane Jacobs versus the Kardashians ⊗ The Slab and the Permacomputer

This week → City data commons for the climat crisis ⊗ Jane Jacobs versus the Kardashians ⊗ The slab and the permacomputer ⊗ How AI is reinventing what computers are

A year ago → A favourite from issue No.148 was Professor Ruha Benjamin’s Mossman Lecture. Race to the Future? Reimagining the Default Settings of Technology & Society.

Some pretty big personal news this week: I am now editor of Offscreen magazine! Over the next few months Kai Brach and I will work closely together on the upcoming issue 25 (set to arrive early February), after which Kai will slowly transition into more of an advisory role, giving me time to settle in comfortably over the next two to three issues.

What does this mean for Sentiers? If all goes according to plan: only good things. Offscreen is “an independent print magazine that explores critical perspectives on technology through earnest conversations,” which overlaps very well with the technology part of what I write in the newsletter, so my reading, thinking, and connecting in various networks will benefit both.

Basically, combining the two—in my day-to-day, not in the publications, who stay as they are—allows me to become a full-time publisher working on two titles. Since Kai was extremely generous in sharing all is tools, methods, and in collaborating on a slow transition, I’ll be able to do both at the level readers expect.

Feedback is always very welcome but that’s especially true right now. Comments, tips, suggestions, recommendations, ideas, are all welcome for both publication and I’m very interested in hearing from long-time Offscreen readers. Contact me.