Newsletter No.193 — Oct 24, 2021

It Didn’t Have to Be This Way ⊗ The Future Is Not a Solution ⊗ the Intersection

This week → It didn’t have to be this way ⊗ The future is not a solution ⊗ the Intersection ⊗ The Metaverse is bad ⊗ A mechanism for growing something enduring ⊗ The state of us

Issues of the newsletter are usually loosely ordered from my most enjoyed read and on down, hoping of course that they all bring something to your thinking. In this one, the first three are ordered as a kind of progression. In the first, William Deresiewicz reviews Graeber and Wengrow’s book The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity which reassesses human history and comes to the conclusion that we seem to have lost the freedom to imagine and enact other forms of social existence. Then Laura Forlano assembles a few books about foresight and futures into an argument for the growing need to invent and manifest new futures (we’ve been here before but it’s a really good piece). Finally, the team at Superflux created the short film the Intersection which does exactly that, they imagine a future that both makes us think and proposes a valuable vision.