Newsletter No.115 — Mar 01, 2020

Digital Socialism ⊗ Trees as Infrastructure ⊗ Distortion

This week → Digital socialism ⊗ Trees as infrastructure ⊗ On distortion ⊗ A text renaissance

A year ago → Rebecca Solnit on a childhood of reading and wandering.

I’m always working on growing readership and the sustaining paid memberships for Sentiers, in doing so I decided to launch a small promo. I’m offering the yearly membership at $40 to find forty new members over the next forty days. Becoming a member helps sustain the free weekly, and gets you some extra Dispatches to feed your curiosity. Simply use this link to signup.

Speaking of those extras, I’ve now unlocked the latest members’ issue, everyone can read it here: Dispatch 05 — Convening.