Newsletter No.230 — Aug 21, 2022

An Engine for the Imagination ⊗ Against Jackpot-Longtermism ⊗ What We Talk About when We Talk About The Algo

This week → An engine for the imagination ⊗ Against Jackpot-Longtermism ⊗ What we talk about when we talk about The Algo ⊗ New cultural technologies ⊗ Dirty bombs and quantum warfare

A year ago → A favourite in issue No.184 was Care at scale by Deb Chachra.

Welcome back! I hope you had occasion for some time off and enjoyed some rest. I’ve been back for a week and a half and used some of that time to catch up on the dozens and dozens of newsletter received during my time off (😱) but also to make some changes to how Sentiers works. First off, issues are now sent using EmailOctopus (that’s a referral link), which I’ve been enjoying working with so far and is quite a bit less expensive than (the increasingly marketing focused) Mailchimp. Do tell me if you see anything wrong visually or if you had to fish the issue out of a sp!m folder.

Second, the members’ site was still hosted on a WordPress install, but since all Dispatches (sorry, it’s been a while since the last one of those! Action has been on the Discord) are open to everyone on, there wasn’t much need for a paywalled website, every member action will now take place on Memberful. I’ve made signing in and account management links easier to see and there’s no more back and forth between sites so it should be a simpler experience for everyone.

Speaking of members, a quick reminder that every weekly issue is free, if you get something out of it and/or want to gain access to the members’ Discord server, please consider becoming a member to support this work.

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