Newsletter No.63 — Jan 21, 2019

Intellectual Humility. Automation Bites Back. Gradually, Then Suddenly. Defending Earth’s Biodiversity. Light Electric Vehicles. Oumuamua.

Quick note that I completely redid the template for this newsletter, partially based on the Tinyletter styling. I’m trusting their code but do get back to me if you encounter display issues.

Update: Last week I linked to an architecture thread. Evan Forman kindly replied with this article at Metropolis Magazine: Rise of the Alt-Arch. It also seems that the term “Gnon” is problematic so although the thread is still mostly sound, do consider this additional context. (Thanks Evan!)

What could be called the “alt-arch,” the meme-strewn corner of the Internet devoted to the far right’s fetish for the castellated, the timber-thatched, the Baroque, the architecture of authority.